Welcome To Winglion Quilts & Masks

You know my sister and me from our community quilts and Pootie Pads — but given the state of emergency our country has been in from Covid-19, all we’ve been doing is making masks. We have now sent out more than 4000 masks and we are still at it.

Frankly, everyone needs a wardrobe of masks as they need laundering (or disposal, if you are using the paper ones) after every wearing.  So why not have some fun with them? Our feeling is that a mask is a means of personal expression.  They should either be fun or beautiful.  Or both. We have a wide selection of fabrics.

Ours are made from quilting cotton and the ear elastic we use is soft and comfortable. We are asking $8 per mask.  Place your order below and select the number masks you would like.  When your order is placed we will contact you via email to confirm your fabric selection. Click HERE to visit Flicker to see fabrics available.

Winglion Quilts, LLC

P.O. Box 86065

Portland, OR  97286