• Saving Catnip Manor

    Friends of Sara & Ann will be pleased with the creation of a “Go Fund Me” campaign called “Saving Catnip Manor.”

    This fundraiser is to pay off Ann Reed’s Chapter 13 agreement with the court.

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  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Ann went into bankruptcy in 2016 as a consequence of a sudden major illness that struck her down in 2014.

    The court set the final payment of $45,000.00 due this September.

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  • Additional Support Is Needed

    Additional support will be needed to assist Sara & Ann in resolving their financial emergency.

    Support the Community Quilt Project and Wing Lion Quilts.

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    Community Quilts

    • Community Quilt For Meter Blades

    • Community Quilt For Austex54

    • Community Quilt For Brubs

    Additional Support Is Needed

    What is the Community Quilt Project?

    For some years now, Sara and Ann have been providing a type of friendship quilt to members of an online community to support individuals who are facing severe illness or other hardship. All too often in today’s culture, people turn away from those who are suffering because they simply don’t know how to help. “Community Quilts” provide an invitation to friends – and even strangers – to give loving words of support and encouragement to someone who is feeling very alone in their struggle.

    These messages are then transcribed onto muslin and incorporated into a colorful quilt that is especially designed for that person. The resulting blanket has great and lasting power to comfort. These quilts often become the most precious item the person owns. Links to person testimonials about the quilts are provided below.

    Ann and Sara need ongoing income for living expenses, to buy materials, and have regular maintenance on equipment such as their sewing machines. Your kind support will go toward the creation of beautiful, comforting works of art that will alleviate suffering and be treasured for a lifetime.

    PayPal donations may be sent using this link: PayPal. Checks to “Winglion” may be sent to P.O. Box 86065, Portland, OR 97286

    Or, if you have a cat (or know someone who does) consider purchasing one of the sisters’ organic catnip quilts or toys for cats: Pootie Pads.

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